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 Kansas Wineries

Kansas is known for its wild open prairies and rows upon rows of corn, but what about the state’s wine selection? How does it stack up against some of the more prominent wine producing states? Well, the answer to that question might vary depending on whom you ask, but the roundabout answer is that Kansas pulls its weight when it comes to wine production.

Kansas Wineries History

Prior to prohibition, Kansas was home to well over 5,000 acres of prime vineyard and viticulture land. After the enactment of prohibition, the state turned much of this land into corn and soy bean farming. Since that time it has been difficult to restore the natural agriculture heritage back to its original state. Recently, there has been a reemergence of wineries in Kansas, and with it some delicious tasting ones at that. Today, most Kansas wineries are located on the eastern border and central part of the state.

Kansas Wines and Vineyard Production

Although the height of Kansas Vineyards came in the early 19th century, the sandy/limestone laced soil continues to be extremely favorable for wine production. The most popular types of grapes produced by wineries in Kansas include Aurore, Cabernet Sauvignon, Norton, and Vidal Blanc. Many of these grapes produce white wine varieties, but drier reds are also cultivated in many Kansas wineries.

While the flavor of Kansas wines may not particularly entice higher brow wine connoisseurs, there are plenty of selections and varieties to experiment with, and it will only be a matter of time before Kansas regains its position as one of the top wine producing states in the nation.

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