Iowa Wineries IA

Iowa Wineries

Did you know that there are currently over 101 registered Iowa wineries and over 300 registered Iowa vineyards? As shocking as it all may be, wineries in Iowa are available in abundance. The history of Iowa wines dates back to 1857 when the settlers and farmers planted grapes to produce juice, jams, and of course wine. Today, Iowa wineries grow and harvest the majority of grapes planted in the state, and ultimately end up producing thousands of gallons of wine every year.

Iowa Vineyards

Like anywhere else, Iowa Vineyards produce and cultivate grapes for Iowa wineries to use and turn into exquisite wine. Interestingly, the state of Iowa prohibits wineries from wholesaling their product, but Iowa wines do make an appearance on many liquor store shelves throughout the state despite this legislative speed bump.  The result of such legislation has been the subsequent development of 26 wholesale distributors who work directly with wineries in Iowa.

Types of Iowa Wines

Iowa wineries often have a range of 8 to 12 different types of wine available for sampling. The majority of wine produced in the state comes from either the Native American grape, or a variation of hybrids that cross with French fruit to produce hardier versions that are capable of withstanding the harsh Iowa winters.

Sampling the unique selection of Iowa wines is a definite must do on your trip to Iowa. The variety, taste, and superiority of Iowa wines make for an excellent activity during your time in the state. Indulge in the taste of delicious Corot Noir or the crisp light taste of a blend of La Crosse wine by taking a tour of one of the many Iowa wineries or Iowa vineyards. You will be delighted by the experience there is to be had at Iowa wineries.