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Indiana Wineries

Comfortably nestled in between Ohio and Illinois is the great state of Indiana. As a heartland state, Indiana is fond of its delicious comfort food and laid back college lifestyle. More refined aspects of life, such as wine drinking, might not be the first thing on your schedule when visiting Indiana but maybe they should be. In fact, there is a hefty selection of refined wines available for sampling at any one of the hundreds of Indiana vineyards available throughout the state.

Common Indiana Wines

Wineries in Indiana aren’t like the vineyards out west or on the east coast. They are 100% Indiana, with very little influence from the world famous wineries throughout the world. The most commonly produced wines coming out of Indiana wineries include Merlots, Chardonnays, Rieslings, and dry reds. However, it is important to note that Indiana vineyards produce nearly any kind of wine, so there are plenty of varieties to sample.

Why Visit Indiana Vineyards?

Wineries in Indiana are more than just a place to sample wine. With gourmet foods, full service restaurants, and even family-friendly activities, Indiana wineries don’t disappoint. Many wineries in Indiana and their subsequent Indiana wines are incredibly diverse in selection and with sampling available 7 days a week at most vineyards, there isn’t a wrong time to visit! If you want to experience a unique and hidden aspect of Indiana culture, then visit Indiana vineyards. The diverse landscape, surprisingly beautiful surroundings and vast selection of Indiana wines, makes a trip to the state look better than ever before.

Start planning your trip to Indiana by browsing through our selection of Indiana winery tours. With so many locations to choose from and wine to sample, there are plenty of choices to make, so get started today!