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Illinois Wineries

The history of Illinois wineries extends back over 150 years, when the first grapes were planted on the banks of the Mississippi in Nauvoo. In just 30 short years there were over 600 acres of Illinois Vineyards throughout the state. Today, there are over 70 wineries in Illinois compared with just 12 less than 20 years ago. With an influx of vineyards, the rate at which Illinois wineries produce wine has helped the region become one of the top 12 wine producing states in the country.

Types of Illinois Wines

Illinois winers will be the first to tell you that the state’s most popular wines come from the following grapes:

Due to the harsh winters in Illinois, the grape varieties planted throughout Illinois vineyards must be resistant to cold weather. Farmers have discovered that the aforementioned breeds are the best for all seasons of the Illinois climate.

The most common wines to come from Illinois wineries include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and semi-sweet Dessert wines.

Why Visit Wineries in Illinois?

A combination of history and passion goes into the upkeep and produce that comes from Illinois vineyards, and when you tour these historic grounds you experience that passion up-close and personal. The people that work on these vineyards inspire others to learn about the wine making process while providing exquisite service.

If you want to learn more about the breeds, types, and aromas of Illinois wineries, then consider touring one of the many Illinois vineyards on our list. We have gathered a collection of the best wineries throughout the state; it is now up to you to find the perfect vineyard for your trip.