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Idaho Wineries

Idaho is well-known for its acres upon acres of potato farms. The rich soil and all season climate make it the perfect place for harvesting potatoes. However, what isn’t as well-known about Idaho agriculture is the vast amount of Idaho wineries that speckle the landscape. In fact, wineries in Idaho date back to the mid 1860s and are an important part of the state’s culture.

The Snake River Valley has seen an incredible expansion of Idaho Vineyards since the 1970s, and has since continued to blossom into over 8,000 square miles of plush Idaho wineries. Today, there are over 43 unique Idaho winers, and 1200 acres of planted fruit throughout the state. If you visit Idaho for the wine you will have a full itinerary on your hands.

Idaho is still in the beginning phase of wine production, but has a bright future ahead. The most commonly produced wine in Idaho is full-bodied reds and sweet and rich white Rieslings. The volcanic soil and cool climate are perfect for harvesting white wines. Chardonnay’s and even some champagne is also a major part of Idaho vineyard production. The diverse selection of grapes, and consequently wine, has made Idaho a strong up-and-coming contender in the US wine production industry.

Wineries in Idaho offer more than just free samples. They also come with a rich history dating back hundreds of thousands of years when volcanic ash fell on the land that we now know as Idaho. The combination of this perfectly mixed soil and the cold climate, produce delectable and tasteful white, reds, and even pink wine.

Come discover what all the fuss is about, and take a tour of one or more of Idahos wineries. There is much more to this great state than just potato farming.