Hood River Oregon Wineries

Hood River Oregon Wineries

There is a Spanish saying that goes, “Good wine ruins the purse; bad wine ruins the stomach.” In Hood River Oregon wineries, you can be sure you will only get the best wines that will have you asking for more!

Hood river Oregon wineries fall under the Columbia George AVA, which straddles both Oregon and Washington. The Hood River Oregon wineries lie in Hood River County in Oregon and find themselves in the rain shadows of two mountains nearby-Mount Adams and Mount Hood. The presence of the gorge causes significant elevation differences with strong winds blowing most of the time. These factors are very conducive to different varieties of grapes growing here.

Hood river Oregon wineries produce a very diverse array of grapes, from Zinfandel, Syrah, Chardonnay, Pinot noir to Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gewurtztraminer, Sangiovese and Riesling. Enotourism is a significant growing industry for Hood river Oregon wineries.

There are more than 40 wineries and vineyards in the Columbia George AVA, with many being Hood river Oregon wineries. These vineyards and wineries have the unique twin advantage of having both terrain and climate conditions that are comparable to those in Italy’s Rhone Valley and Piedmont areas as well as France’s Burgundy area.

The travel through the Columbia Gorge Wine Country itself is a memorable experience, with many places that make you want to just stop over to catch your breath at the beauty and magnificence of the view.

Hood river Oregon wineries are often family-run businesses that are driven by passion, commitment, and a drive for excellence to create world class wines. The fresh mountain air and fertile volcanic soils that create such beautiful grape varietals form the perfect backdrop for wine tasting. The wineries have distinctive tasting rooms that make wine tasting an even greater pleasure.

There are dry, sweet, red and white wines that have won international recognition. There are also blended wines, which are a combination of grape and local fruits, giving rise to refreshing drinks that are perfect for an idyllic summer afternoon! There are white wines with ginger, apricot, and apple blossoms. There are Rose wines with undercurrents of tart and grapefruit. There are Rose blends with melon and strawberries. There are others that have experimented and succeeded with layers of dried herbs, candied strawberry, green tea, vanilla and cherry. You can buy these wines from Hood River Oregon wineries at the store itself or online as well.

Hood River wineries also offer exciting experiences along with their wines. Whether it is a romantic getaway for two or a family group in the dozens, there are places and events and packages to suit all needs and all pockets.

Oregon has several AVAs, or American Viticultural Areas, within the state. The most popular grapes grown are Pinot Gris and Pinot noir. There are also wines based on American hybrid grapes, Concord grapes and berries.

For serious wine enthusiasts, the Hood River Oregon wineries offer wines that should not be missed as well as panoramic views that make wine tasting an unforgettable experience!