Healdsburg Wine Tasting

If you had to pick just one town to visit in California that could best serve as your gateway to wine country, you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere better than Healdsburg. Located in Sonoma County, Healdsburg sits right in the middle of some of the best wine regions in the state. The location of the town along Highway 101 makes it a great place to stop off on your travels along the Wine Road, but you might have a hard time getting back out there once you see what’s on offer in this truly wonderful location.

What makes Healdsburg wine tasting so great is that you can park your car and take off on foot. All of the major appellations that surround the town are represented in the tasting rooms and wineries found in Healdsburg, and that means that there are more flavors and varietals packed into one location than just about anywhere else in California. If you love the wines Dry Creek Valley, Anderson Valley, or any of the other regions in Sonoma, but don’t have time to visit them all, simply head to Healdsburg and get a sample of them all in one place.

As you might have already guessed, Healdsburg is a town that is serious about their wine, but that doesn’t mean the locals aren’t ready to have some fun. You will find a staggering number of wine related events taking place in the town throughout the year, with the plaza serving as the hub for much of the activity that goes on there. As well as the opportunity to get into Healdsburg wine tasting, you will also find some of the finest restaurants that California has to offer in this town. Why just taste wine when you can also have some delicious food to go with it.

As previously mentioned, you can sample wines from all of the appellations in the surrounding area, but you can also use Healdsburg as your base camp when you want to go exploring. Part of the fun of visiting wine country is getting out on the open road and taking in the unique flavors and experiences that each individual winery has to offer. If this is a part of the country that you haven’t visited before, you can use Healdsburg wine tasting as the deciding factor in choosing the appellation that you most want to visit while you are in town.

What you are sure to fall in low with when you visit Healdsburg and the surrounding area is the small town charm that seems to exist throughout this part of the state. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and the winery owners seem to take real pleasure in talking about their wines and the history of grape growing in this part of the world. Make no mistake, wine is big business in this neck of the woods, but there is a definite relaxed approach to the business that is a welcome break from the frantic pace set in some of the bigger regions.