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 Florida Wineries

Florida has a diverse landscaping ranging from sparkling blue water and white sandy beaches off the southern coast, to the flat and tropical northern geography that beckons wine enthusiasts. In fact, Florida is now home to over 24 unique vineyards and wineries.

Florida Wineries and their History

Unbelievably, Florida has one of the oldest wine histories in the states. In the 16th century the first grapes were planted on the Florida coast by a Spanish missionary. The missionaries used wine as a part of the sacramental religious rituals they performed. Today, Florida Vineyards are available in abundance, and their popularity continues to grow.

Interestingly, although the state has no specific location for suitable wine production, there are plenty of Florida wineries to visit. Many of the wine produced in Florida comes from specific hybrid fruit that was specifically breed for plantation in the subtropical climate of Florida State.

Types of Wines in Florida Vineyards

The most common types of wines produced from wineries in Florida include the native Muscadine wine, hybrid grapes, and citrus fruit based grapes. The majority of this fruit is used to produce excellent table wines, sparkling wine, and dessert wine. The sweetness of the fruit determines its use, and most Florida wineries produce sweet flavored fruit.

When touring the many Florida vineyards and wineries, you will notice that free samples are offered to all individuals aged 21 and older. Many local Florida wineries even host special events and festivals, making wine tours the perfect weekend getaway or even a fun-filled day trip.

To experience Florida wine for yourself, consider exploring our list of the best wineries in Florida to tour. A host of tastes, aromas, and indulgent experiences await you.