Colorado Wine Tasting

Colorado Wine Tasting

“Wine is like the incarnation: it is both Divine and Human” – Paul Tillich

Next time you plan on a ski trip to Colorado, you may want to check out Colorado wine tasting events and festivals as well. Enotourism is a growing industry in Colorado and has already won the hearts of wine critics and lovers alike. Colorado has more than 100 wineries and the number is growing as we speak.

The biggest reason for the growing popularity of wine tasting culture in Colorado is the splendid scenic landscape combined with peach and strawberry flavored wines. The increasing popularity and demand of wine is making people take notice of Colorado wine country.

Colorado’s valleys and plateaus are fertile for vineyards and its unbound sunshine and cool breezy nights produce the best tasting premium wines. There are two designated AVA’s – authorized area to grow vineyard, in Colorado and they are adjoining orchards filled with lush varieties of peaches, raspberries, cherries and apricots.

Wine tasting events are a perfect place to understand nuances of wine culture, the taste and the smell, the different notes within a single swirl in the mouth, the potency of the wine, its therapeutic value, pairing it with foods, difference between whites and reds etc. Colorado has plenty of such events to offer as a welcome change to skiing and snowboarding.

Palisade is the epicenter of Colorado’s wine culture and is famous for producing organic wine. Wine tastings are more often held in Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs etc wines that can be found in Colorado are Pinot noir, Riesling, Merlot, Chardonnay and many more. The non grafting of original wood allows to preserve the original flavor and texture of the wine.

One can visit Colorado throughout the year. Spring festivals are mostly about food and wine pairings. Summer months like June and July have heavy tourist input in the state. One can visit the mountain AVA in late summer to avoid snow. Colorado mountain wine fest is celebrated in September, it is usually the grape harvesting time.

The fear often gets compared to Germany’s famous Oktoberfest. It gets dubbed as the biggest event of the annual calendar. The fest includes tours of wineries, wine tasting and bikathons during vineyards. Local wineries have their own special events planned to treat the crowds which will begin to thin by October ending. Some of these events will be free while others may require you to pay.

Whatever your reasons for visiting Colorado are, it is important to do a thorough research beforehand. It is a touristy place so you may want to check for off season deals. Another thing about wine tasting that one must be mindful of is acknowledging your surroundings. Free wine doesn't mean drink everything you can put your hands on, it is an experience – live it, breathe it and most of all enjoy it – either by yourself or with a special someone or your family.

‘Drink responsibly’ is an oxymoron but saying it doesn't make it less true!