California Wineries

California Wineries

Best California Wineries

California wineries are widely accepted by the rest of the nation as the premiere location for vineyards. Tremendous amounts of wine are produced every year on California Wineries, with Napa Wineries leading the pack. However, there is great diversity in the type, taste, and quality of wine produced on California wineries. If you are a wine enthusiast you will love the diversity of the state’s wine selections.

Why California Wineries?

California is nearly a third the size of France and has some of the best soil for grape growing. Its rich and moist northern region has been a 5 star location for wine production for nearly a century. When North American wine enthusiasts look for a bottle of wine, they prefer it to come from this region of the country.

Types of California Wine

California winery map

While California Wineries may be known for their exquisite selections of wines, it is most well known for its Cabernets, Chardonnays, and Merlots. However, it is interesting to note that the grapes used for production vary greatly dependent upon the location and preference of Napa Wineries. Regardless of the preference, Californians drink nearly 1 out of every 5 bottles of wine they produce.

Experience California Wineries

California’s wineries are as rich and diverse as the wine they produce, and with so many incredible wineries to tour it is difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, we have gathered the best of the best wineries in California into a comprehensive list selection for you to choose from. From award winning Napa wineries to powerhouse southern California wineries, there are acres after acres of vineyards waiting for you to explore.

Truly, the only way to experience California wineries is by touring them. Cross one more item off of your Wine bucket-list by signing up for the best wine tours California Wineries offer.  It is truly a life changing experience.