Best Finger Lakes Wineries

There are greater than a 100 wineries in Finger Lakes itself. Some of these wines have been gathering admirers from all over the world. Finger Lakes in upstate New York is an upcoming region in terms of its wineries. Some of the best Finger Lakes wineries are not those that have won awards, but won the hearts of the people, who came to taste the wines in this region.

With over a 100 wineries, which ones would you choose to visit? What should you prepare yourself for while visiting a winery?

When is it the best time to visit a winery in Finger Lakes?

You can visit the Finger Lakes wineries throughout the year. During summer and fall, these wineries are at their busiest. So, this is the peak travel season for visiting the Finger Lakes area. However, the wine tasting experience is likely to be more comfortable on off-season days. It is during these months that you are likely to get more wine tasting opportunities and the chance to meet more wine tasters like yourself. Be sure to also consider what you would like to do other than wine tasting. Do you want to indulge in snowshoeing and skiing or in any other activities? Boating and fishing?

The Finger Lakes region is best known for its wine tastings and wineries. Considering all of the activities in the Finger Lakes region, you should get an idea of what you need to do apart from wine tasting to make your experience more exciting.

How do you get around the Finger Lakes region?

With so many options, how do you get around the region? You would not want to rush from one winery to another. Plan for the time to become familiar with the different wineries in the region. Many wineries have gift shops that can help you pack the best wines that can be gifted to your friends or relatives. Are you interested in ice wines or fruit wines? Make sure you select a wine according to your choice. In order to decide which winery you would like to visit, you would need to do a little research. With so many options to choose from, it can become overwhelming. However, you can get a lot of information on the different wineries across the region. Search by your favorite variety of wines and the region of the Finger Lakes from where you want your wine to be.

Which wineries offer tours?

There are many wineries in the Finger Lakes region that offer wine tastings and private tours to people.

When are the wineries open?

Most wineries are open seven days a week. On the other hand, some wineries are open during spring and fall only for a few hours. So, it would be necessary to confirm the timings of the same before visiting them. Make sure you, however, have a full breakfast before visiting a winery. This will give you the energies to go to different wineries throughout the day. Do not forget to pack your lunch since it can help you get the energies necessary to travel throughout the day.