Best California Wineries CA

Best California Wineries

Sonoma County is home to the best California wineries. With over four hundred wineries, Healdsburg wineries are some of the best to visit in California. Sonoma Country is the perfect place for a wine country visit. Not only is it beautiful, but the specialized conditions of the earth also make this a perfect grape growing place. Award winning Pinot, Noir, Zinfandel and Chardonnay wines have been produced here for years. These conditions and awards have earned this wine country a worldwide reputation. The landscape is beautiful, the architecture spectacular and the wine ever-flowing and the finest quality. Come enjoy a wine tasting experience in some of the best California wineries.

Must-See Healdsburg Wineries and Dry Creek Wineries

Dry Creek Vineyard was founded in 1972 in the heart of the Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County. Their winery has been making wine for over forty years. They prize family, heritage and authenticity for their family-owned winery. Their exquisite wine is a must-taste when you are visiting the best California Wineries.  You can enjoy their wonderful, authentic wine in their tasting room with a beautiful view. Also, each year, they host the Winter Wineland, which means that you will be able to enjoy wine, even in the winter.

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery has critically-acclaimed wines and five acres of gardens that are of exquisite taste. The architecture is exquisite and surrounded by gardens so stunning that they are as well-known as the winery’s brews.  The color is astounding and year-round. They are another one of the Dry Creek Wineries that you must visit when you are perusing around the best California Wineries. You can taste their wine at either their bar or in their underground cellar.

Another must-see vineyard is Rodney Strong Vineyards. This vineyard is truly unique because a celebrated American dancer left Broadway to become a winemaker. It was his second passion that he hadn’t really considered for a long time. Rodney Strong Vineyards was the thirteenth winery created in Sonoma County, which had just been discovered for its ideal grape growing conditions. You can enjoy a self-guided tour through the winery and learn a few things that you never knew about both Rod Strong and his two careers and wine making itself. With critically-acclaimed wines and rich history, this is a must-see wine stop in the best California wineries.

There are many more Healdsburg Wineries and Dry Creek wineries, but these are three that will be the most breathtaking that that will create memories for you that you will never forget. Years from now, you will remember going to the Winter Wineland and strolling through Ferrari-Carano’s beautiful gardens. Having these unique experiences will definitely last a lifetime.