Arkansas Wineries AR

Arkansas Wineries 

Arkansas is known by its simple state slogan; The Natural State. Arkansas Wineries may be few in number, but the wine that they produce is on the rise within exclusive wine circles. The history of Arkansas vineyards extends back in time nearly 150 years, and over that time many winemakers in the state have honed their craft to create delectable and refreshing blends of wine.

The History of Wineries in Arkansas

In 1872 two pioneer men found themselves in Arkansas by way of Switzerland. They quickly recognized the prime climate and geographical conditions that existed within the state for wine making, and therein began the journey towards some of the finest wine in the country.

Today, the descendents of these two pioneer men continue to make award-winning wine, and Arkansas retains the label of the oldest wine making state in the south. This rich history has created prestige for Arkansas and has enabled the state to be a highly sought after geographic location for wine making.

Popular Arkansas Wineries and Types of Wine

Although Arkansas Vineyards produce typical variety of wine such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noir that are frequently produced by most wineries in Arkansas, there are also a few homegrown types that are worthy of mentioning. These include wine grown from native grapes such as Cynthiana and Muscadine. This fruit produces uniquely flavored wine that cannot be found anywhere else.

Although Arkansas Vineyards originated in the Arkansas River Valley, today it extends from Eureka Springs to Springdale. There are several big named Arkansas vineyards that are worth a tour if you find yourself in the Natural State. If you’d like a more comprehensive look at these wineries take a look at our list below to learn more.