Arizona Winery Guide

Arizona Winery Guide

Arizona wineries have become some of the most prominent in the United States thanks in large part to the unique growing conditions for vineyards in this region of the country. While the history of AZ wineries is relatively short as compared to California, the state more than makes up for that thanks to the various growing conditions that have allowed the creations of numerous unique wineries.

What started with just one vineyard in 1973 has blossomed to over a dozen across the state. Today, there are over 100 wineries with more that are planned for the area. The wonderful wines that are produced  have won many awards and garnered international recognition for their unique taste. A proper Arizona winery guide starts with the fact that you cannot get to all of them in a single day’s drive, but you can plan a wonderful vacation around the areas in the state where many of the best wineries can be found.

What Makes Arizona Wineries Unique?

There are a number of reasons why Arizona offers a unique taste and style to the wine that is produced. Perhaps it is the western spirit and open countryside that has helped foster vineyards across the state. However, it is arguably the changing view of traditional growing climates that are best suited for creating great wine that has allowed this state to advance so far in such a short period of time.

What was once thought of as only a state filled with deserts has actually turned in the past few decades into a location where vineyards are thriving and wine fit for the White House starting in 1989 began to be recognized.

Where You Can Find the Wineries of Arizona

While there are Arizona wineries scattered across the state, they are mostly found in three general locations.

Northern Arizona: The Verde Valley country is home to several wineries that have earned widespread acclaim thanks to their unique taste and supple flavor. Located about an hour north of Phoenix, the Valley Verde area not only offers great wineries, but wonderful restaurants and plenty of activities for families. The cities of Chino Valley, Kingman, Young and Williams are excellent places to start.

Sonata: The only American Viticulture Area in the state, you find plenty of great Arizona wineries located around this marvelous city. It makes for a great weekend destination as you can take in several of the wineries on a short tour through Bisbee, Tombstone and Vail just to name a few.

Southern Arizona: About an hour east of Tucson you’ll find the Wilcox Winery region where nearly three-quarters of the wine grapes grown in Arizona can be found. No Arizona winery guide is complete without a trip through this part of the state where you can find all types of wine for your pallet.

You can find plenty of tasting rooms in places like Phoenix, Tucson and places outside the general areas of the three centers for AZ wineries. The adventure is choosing the right place to start, but with so many great choices you can hardly go wrong.