Alaska Wineries AK

Alaska Wineries

Alaska is home to gorgeous mountain ranges, breath-taking glaciers, and wineries. Yes wineries. Alaska’s frigid climate gives way to milder temperatures during the spring and summer months, and along with warmer temps comes harvest season for Alaska Wineries. Obviously, there are only certain types of fruit that can flourish in this semi-harsh climate, which allows Wineries in Alaska to offer rich and hearty wine.

Many Alaska Vineyards produce what is known as ‘Wilderness Wine’. This wilderness wine is cultivated in the open, fresh air of Alaska’s vast landscape, and rarely adheres to the regulations and standards of southern United State vineyards. The result, however, is equally as powerful. Smooth, easy to drink wine that leaves you wishing this type of liquid gold wasn’t a rarity, is the result of organic Alaskan wineries.

Wineries in Alaska use a combination of Blueberry, Raspberry, and Black Currant as flavor additions to enhance the natural taste and texture of their product. The fruit that is cultivated here is wild in every sense. In fact, most wine drinkers who indulge in Alaskan wine prefer the unique blend of aromas that are contained within every glass, to more well-refined wine.

Most wineries in Alaska are available for tours only by appointment. During the fall and winter months, many Alaska Vineyards do not offer tours simply due to inclement weather. The best time to take a tour and sample the exquisite taste of wild Alaska wine is during the summer months.

Do you want a closer look at the untamed Alaskan wilderness while experiencing diverse Alaska Vineyards? Well, if you are planning a trip to this part of the world, then consider taking a tour of one of the Alaskan wineries on our list. We guarantee it will be a once in a lifetime experience!