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San Dominique Winery provides an elegant and enticing atmosphere. We are an award winning winery that offers hot sandwiches and garlic products made with our harvested organic foods. Our slogan of “Quality Since 1981” has been bringing back friends for 33 years. It all started with our winemaker planting premium grade wine grape seeds in our bountiful soil. We employ a team of highly trained experts in the wine and garlic industries. We all have a passion for sharing information about both fields in the most friendly, professional, and informative manner possible. We welcome questions. You will often find us at community events like fundraisers, networking opportunities, and speaking engagements. We have a contagious passion for wine and garlic, and we want to share it with as many people as possible! At San Dominique Winery, we are passionate about what we create. When you are in the Dewey, AZ area, be sure to pay us a visit, and experience the best.

Location Description

Located in Campe Verde, in the Dewey area.


  • Quality Since 1981.

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Average Bottle Price

$ 20.00

Practices & Techniques

We proudly harvest our wine ingredients. Our bountiful area is primed for acres of high quality, organic foods that are painstakingly harvested during peak seasons. We rely on all-natural pesticides, and we never use harsh chemicals at our winery.

Our winemaker knows that some people avoid wines due to the added sulfites or other preservatives. Know that our wines only contain natural sulfites that occur during the wine making process. No additional chemicals, preservatives, or sulfites are ever added to any of our award winning wines.


Our wines have won awards for excellence in both regional and national competitions. Our winemaker has perfected his craft for years. The key is in harvesting our own organic wine grapes.

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Mon-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm Sun 11:00am-5:00pm


2700 Flower Pot Ranch Rd
Camp Verde, Arizona 86322
United States

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