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Wine is the most ancient and influential beverage ever known to mankind. Through its craft, a story of time and place is bottled and consumed. For this reason, every wine has a story...... Throughout time man has had a passion for the grape. It has been spread across the known world, cultivated, and crafted into wines for millennia. To whom do we owe the honor of this noble fruit? The mysterious and even magical properties of the grapevine will undoubtedly captivate mankind for years to come as they have in the many years past. The story of the grape is just starting to be written, unlocked, and enjoyed.

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Located in the heart of beautiful and sunny Sonoita, Arizona.


  • We are focused on bringing forth the best expressions of the most unique terroirs possible in our wines.

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$ 30


Harvest 2012 marked my first time working with Arizona fruit as well as my first time discovering Vitis Arizonica. Being a freshly minted Willcox resident, I decided to head out and do some hiking in the nearby mountains. The Sky Island micro-climate seen across SE Arizona is almost akin to a rainforest during monsoon season. The cool, often cloud veiled mountains create a richly diverse ecosystem atop the desert floor. Many species of migratory birds are present, wildflowers are blossoming, creeks are running, and Vitis Arizonica is climbing its way up the trees lining the creekside.

As far as the Sky Islands are concerned, one range in particular wields a majesty unlike any other. The Chiricahua Mountains form the eastern flank of the Sulphur Springs Valley, home to much of Arizona's grape production. Within this range is a national monument of the utmost beauty. It is also the range that harbored the Chiricahua Apaches, the last tribe to succumb to manifest destiny in the continental United States with September of 1886 marking the surrender of the remaining Chiricahua Apache forces. Today, much of the Chiricahua range remains sparsely explored off the beaten path. The rigorous terrain coupled with immense biodiversity sets the stage for a wonderful time discovering the known as well as the unknown.

In the days leading up the Harvest 2012, I ventured deep into the East Turkey Creek watershed. Having no direction to travel, I decided to hike up the drainage and explore. I was hoping to find a small pool of water, perhaps carrying some trout from long ago. However, I came across a beautiful waterfall. Just as good in my book. The decision was made to make camp as a monsoon was approaching. The dark sky littered with stars fell host to flashes of intense light from afar. With only a tarp to serve as shelter, the experience of the situation took root. The unknown of being alone in such a unique environ, during such a storm was magnificent. In proper fashion, I unpacked my wine rations and enjoyed the moment.

The storm rang loud through the night as water rushed around as well as under me. Sleep prevailed through the elements, and the tarp proved to be a worthy shelter. The next morning came, the sun was shining. I however, was wet.....

With my belongings hung out to dry for the return, I scouted out the riverbed and came across some wild grapevines. Vitis Arizonica - The Canyon Grape. The vines were small, most likely non fruit bearing. However, this inspiration led me down Turkey Creek until I found the vine I was looking for. From this vine, I sourced some seeds. I allowed the seeds to hibernate for over a year, as grapevines have a higher germination rate after dormancy of the seed. Late this April, some of the seeds were planted and the gift emerged.

Practices & Techniques

We lean towards the natural side of wine making, but do allow modern technology to intervene when prudent.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Pillsbury Vineyard

Viognier hanging on the vines of Pillsbury Vineyard in mid August 2013. We sourced 2.5 tons of Viognier from the Pillsbury Vineyard atop the Willcox Bench.

Sierra Madre Vineyard

Santa Maria is one of the coolest growing regions in California. Chardonnay from this vineyard expresses the cool climate through strong natural acidity and delicate structure.

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Friday - Sunday: 11 am - 5 pm.


3969 HWY 82
Sonoita, Arizona 85637
United States

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