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Our 220-acre homestead, along the banks of the Tygart River, is filled with the timeless quality of ranch life and will take back to a less complex time. Enjoy wine and bourbon tastings, tours, food, shows, and other special events at The Foxfire Restaurant, Heston Farm Winery, and Pinchgut Hollow Distillery. Celebrate weddings and other significant occasions, or come and enjoy our celebrations and public events at the playground and pavilion area.

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Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, atop a bluff overlooking the Tygart River in Fairmont, West Virginia.


  • Live music and other special events are scheduled throughout the year.

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$ 14


My uncle, Fred Heston, recollects the day perfectly. It was a cool day, and he was outside getting a bucket of coal. Inside, his mother and siblings were standing around the coal stove. His father, Burt Heston, was upstairs in the room resting on his back. He was wearing pants, underwear, and a t-shirt. He didn't have any shoes or socks on at the time. Burt said he always thought best on his back.

A man strolled up to the entryway on the lower side of the house and knocked on the door. He asked, "Is this the house where you buy bourbon?" Fred's little brother hollered back, "Yes, come on in. You can get it upstairs." The man turned around, waved his arm, and whistled. A huge tour car came racing up the street. The top was down. There were men inside and others standing on the running boards clutching the sides. The men were all holding firearms.

They rushed through the door and yelled that they were Revenue Agents. Fred heard a lot of commotion happening as they ran through the house. Burt went out the second story window and took off running. One of the agents shot his firearm and shouted for him to stop. Burt was a Veteran of WWI and knew trench fighting. He just ran quicker and harder, crisscrossing down a slope until he vanished into an abandoned mine opening.

In a frenzy one of the kids tossed two flasks of whiskey into the stove. Both of them exploded causing the house to go up in flames. Shockingly, the agents had the capacity to put out the fire. As it turned out, those bottles were the only evidence found in the house.

Fred's uncle Joe Bob wasn't as fortunate; they raided his general store at the same time. There they discovered an expansive amount of moonshine. Joe Bob had 8 children and one on the way. He had been impaired since a train severed his left leg at the age 12. He needed the cash that moonshine brought.

With Joe Bob's pregnant wife situated behind him in court, the judge's offered to set him free if he would swear that he would stop making moonshine. Joe Bob defiantly denied the offer by telling the judge, "Your honor, give me liberty or give me death." He left the judge with no option but to sentence him. Feeling sorry for Joe Bob's wife, the judge sentenced him to a little less than a year in jail so his family could visit. They never discovered the still.

Our family had touched base in the Monongahela River valley just before the revolutionary war. Settling below Pittsburgh, the Heston men were known from Fredricktown to Opekeski to Goose Run to Mudlick to Pinchgut Hollow. We had a proud history of serving our nation in wartime, and making farm whiskey. However, all the distilling finished on that day in 1932, that is, up to this point.

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WINERY / DISTILLERY HOURS MON: 11am - 6pm TUES-SAT: 11am - 9pm SUNDAY: 1pm - 3pm RESTAURANT HOURS MON: CLOSED TUES-FRI: 4pm - 9pm SATURDAY: 11am - 9pm SUNDAY: 10am - 3pm


1602 Tulip Lane
Fairmont, West Virginia 26554
United States

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