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Our guiding principle has been In Vino Veritas – truth in wine. We narrowed our focus to craft wines which best express the natural characteristics of the very unique wines and grapes grown in our specially selected coastal vineyards between the Pacific Ocean and inland valleys.

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Located in the heart of Sonoma, California.


  • Produces unique wines.

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Patrick graduated UC Davis is a degree in enology and viticulture in 1999. Patrick has worked as a winemaker and consulting winemaker for numerous wineries in Napa and Sonoma including Robert Sinskey, Hanna, Keller Estate, Pezzi King and Verismo. With 22 (and counting) varietals under his belt, Patrick is master of his craft — blending Burgundian winemaking technique with Cabernet, and coaxing the best out of Zinfandel, Syrah and white wines. Patrick has deep experience in the vineyard, winery and lab which gives him a firm understanding of and appreciation for a wine range of wine styles.

The Team

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area for most of our lives, we have spent a great deal of time exploring the Northern California coastline from Monterey to Mendocino – rugged fog shrouded coast terrain, beautiful bays to explore via kayak, and challenging hiking trails with beautiful vistas. No matter the outing, we know that the late afternoon will most likely include an increase in wind velocity accompanied by a rolling bank of fog, rushing through the Golden Gate, rolling over the coastlines, and filling in the Sonoma hillsides and Mendocino's Anderson Valley. Although this unique fog phenomenon may be totally unexpected and a surprise to new summer visitors, it is a primary factor of what makes this region prime terroir for such exquisite Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

We began our entry into the world of winemaking in the late 1990’s while living in beautiful Marin County. Through the guidance of a local wine making supply merchant, we ordered zinfandel grapes from Amador County, crushed them in the store’s parking lot, transported them to our home’s garage where we inoculated yeast — and witnessed the transformation of those beautiful grapes into our first wine! The perfume of this natural process permeated not just the air – but our enthusiasm for wine making. What an amazing experience! I guess we should have used the French term connoting innovative small volume wine makers -- and called ourselves “garagistes!”

From there, the next year we had the opportunity to bid on a charity auction item with several friends: the creation of a barrel of wine in Napa County – this time under the mentorship of a professional wine maker. He guided our weekend efforts over the period of a year or so -- all the way from picking zinfandel grapes on a very hot day to bottling the finished product. We worked with him again the following season to create a cabernet -- which turned out quite well.

The wine making bug took hold! After reading about the creation of Crushpad, a custom crush facility in San Francisco, we decided to move to a higher level of wine making by “adopting” a barrel of pinot noir from a prized vineyard in the Anderson Valley appellation of Mendocino County. In working closely with the winemaker, we loved the experience and learned so much! And our friends bought most of that barrel of wine because they really liked it! In fact, some of them asked for more. That experience gave us encouragement to move to the next step.

In early 2007, we launched August Truth, LLC, as our own small production boutique winery – after having the opportunity to procure premier pinot noir and chardonnay grapes for our first harvest in the Fall of 2007. Since then, we have also been very fortunate in being able to contract for similarly exquisite grapes for each successive vintage.
To do this, we have partnered Consulting Winemaker Patrick Saboe and his winemaking team. Not only does Patrick bring technical knowledge to the project but he also brings extreme energy and focus to craft the most exceptional wines possible! He has been a valuable sounding board for every decision we make – urging us to keep to our vision and follow our noses and palates – so that each vintage of August Truth has been carefully nurtured from crush to cork, including the use of wonderful Francois Freres French oak barrels.

From the moment we set out on this new venture, our guiding principle has been In Vino Veritas – truth in wine. We narrowed our focus to craft wines which best express the natural characteristics of the very unique pinot noir and chardonnay grapes grown in our specially selected coastal vineyards between the Pacific Ocean and inland valleys.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Several factors combine to make this one of the best Chardonnay sites in northern California: well draining soils, clonal diversity and the climate. The site is located in a depression at the western edge of Sonoma Mountain where the cool ocean breeze and fog are trapped. This creates an environment allowing for slightly longer hangtime giving us flavor without compromising acidity and balance. First planted in 1998 to the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varietals Sangiacomo Vineyard is bordered on the northern edge by Copeland Creek and consists of 14 different clone and rootstock combinations. Its rocky soil northern edge bordered by Copeland Creek creates a strenuous growing environment for the vines, producing structure and richness in the fruit.

Our Wines From
Sangiacomo Vineyard
2013 August Truth Chardonnay
Released January 8, 2015

Split Rock Vineyard
Sonoma Coast

Split Rock is located in the Sonoma Coast growing region on the west side of Sonoma Mountain. Its rocky soils combine with winds from the Petaluma Gap to create a challenging growing environment, but one that consistently produces great fruit.

Most of the vineyard has optimal southwest exposure and is a very high density planting with over 2000 vines per acre. Chardonnay clones 95 and 76 from this cool climate vineyard blend to create a complex, complete wine with concentrated fruit and excellent natural acidity. Pinot Noir from this cool climate site are very dark, feature dark cherry and have an excellent tannin and acid backbone required for aging.

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