Alexanander Valley Vineyards

Alexander Valley Vineyards

If you ever went to California, then you already know that the whole region is just filled with lots of interesting opportunities for your vacation. One of them is definitely the Alexander Valley vineyard, because not only this is a wonderful way to explore the region, but at the same time you receive a wide range of unique opportunities to engage in wine tasting.

Near the Alexander Valley vineyard you can find the city of Cloverdale, a quiet little town that offers a lot of variety and uniqueness. This is also the place where you can find a region where native Indians lived for centuries, and which has been transformed, at least for a while, into a natural reserve.

The climate is perfect for the Alexander Valley vineyard because here you can find warm as well as dry summers, and the monthly temperatures are very low to begin with. On top of that, the region is in a drought, mainly because here you can find lots of unregulated vineyard grown, which is quite interesting to say the least.

Interesting to know is that near the Alexander Valley vineyard there was a colony, which was named based on a French utopian movement. With the name of Icaria Speranza, this one was a unique and exciting settlement that didn’t last for a long period of time, yet you can rest assured that you can still visit the area where it was placed. This alone makes visiting the Alexander Valley vineyard region well worth it, alongside the astounding wine quality, of course.

If you are wondering about the wines offered in the Alexander Valley vineyard, then you can rest assured that there’s a lot of variety to be found here. Simply put, the whole region as well as the whole Sonoma country is known for the uniqueness of the wine found here. High quality merlot, cabernet sauvignon as well as merlot are some of the few exciting things that you can find here, so you can rest assured that they are exciting to say the least.

Moreover, the whole exciting location of Alexander Valley vineyard is amazingly created and modified in such a way to suit the needs of the locals, which wanted to modernize the whole place. At the same time, the casino in the region is yet another reason to come here, because visiting it is a wonderful experience. We say that because the casino just oozes great looks and it just has an exciting set of architectural designs that successfully combine modern and classic appeal.

As you can see, the Alexander Valley vineyard is one of the great places that you can visit during your trips. Not only it looks great, but at the same time the whole region is great for hiking, exploration and having fun!